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QR Code Menu for Restaurants (Digital Menu)

Enhance your customers’ ordering experience with our free QR code menu builder. Create digital restaurant menu and share it via a unique QR code with just a few clicks.

qr code menu - an example of the menu editor

QR Code Menu Creator

Say hello to your contactless menu that’s revolutionizing how clients order food. Our free QR code menu builder makes it easy for you to create and share your menu in minutes.
  • Create your digital menu in minutes
  • Easy menu updates with our no-code editor
  • Update your menu digitally without reprinting
  • Print your menu QR code so clients can order from wherever
  • Elevate your customer service and boost revenue with your QR menu

Customize Your QR Code Menu in Minutes

Our builder lets you create a stunning QR code menu for restaurants that fit your branding and provide clients a seamless food-ordering experience.

  • Over 60 restaurant menu templates
  • Custom colors to fit your brand
  • Upload high-quality images to increase orders
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-location QR code menu options for restaurant chains
qr code for restaurant menu - example of different designs

60+ QR code restaurant menu templates

Try it out! Point your phone camera at the code to see QR code menu example.

qr code restaurant ordering - example of ordering process

Built-in QR Code Ordering and Online Payments

Take your QR code menu one step further and enable online ordering and payments to boost revenue and order value.

  • Sell more with your integrated restaurant online ordering system
  • Take contactless payments (card payments, Apple Pay & Google Pay)
  • Create a branded Android & iOS mobile app for customer convenience
  • Your own order-taking app to manage incoming food orders

Digital Retaurant Menu With Marketing Tools

  • Automatically collect customer feedback & reviews
  • Keep customer data in one place with the built-in restaurant CRM
  • Launch email, SMS, and push marketing campaigns to boost your revenue
  • Create a digital version of coupons and promotions to attract more clients and increase sales
  • Create digital menu board
qr code menu example - example of reviews and client data

8 Ways to Display QR Codes

QR Code Menu for Paper Menus

Paper Menus
Print and add your QR code to your printed menu so clients can have instant access to all of their favorite dishes.

QR Code Menu for Table Tents

Table Tents
Add your QR menu code to your table tents so clients can view and download your menu while at their tables.

QR Code Menu for Tabletop Inserts

Tabletop Inserts
Present your dynamic QR code in your tabletop inserts to make them truly stand out on your tables.

QR Code Menu for Walls Posters

Windows And Walls Posters
Create window and wall posters with the same QR code, so passers-by can view and download your menu right on their phones.

QR Code Menu for Food Packaging Stickers Labels

Food Packaging Stickers & Labels
Add QR codes with your menu link to food packaging, stickers, and labels so that clients who order food for delivery and pickup can access your pdf menu.

QR Code Menu for Flyers

Add your QR code menu to flyers so that clients in and outside of your restaurant can easily scan it.

QR Code Menu for Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards
Sandwich boards are the perfect eye catchers - use this to your advantage by showing off your QR code menu on yours.

QR Code Menu for Business Cards

Business Cards
Adding your QR menu code to your business card is like attaching your menu but without the excess paper.

restaurants qr code menu - example of how to create

How it Works and How to Create a QR Code for a Menu in 4 Steps

Step 1: Add your food items in UpMenu

Step 2: Select the restaurant menu template that best fits your branding

Step 3: Download, print, and test out your code on your smartphone

Step 4: Share your code so clients can scan it with their phones

Why Do You Need a QR Code Menu?

We checked the numbers, and restaurants can save a lot and gain even more with QR code menus.

$ 0
Save up to $500 a year on printing costs
0 %
Increase table turnover by 13% by allowing customers to order themselves
0 %
Increase food orders by 17% and earn more revenue

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

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During these 10 years of cooperation, we have saved $1.5M. This would be the cost if we only used 3rd party portals with a 15% commission.”

~ Andrzej Pelc-Gonera – Owner of the Sushi Kushi, King Kong and Ramen Shop restaurant chains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A QR code menu is a digital menu that is accessed by scanning a QR code with a smartphone or other mobile device. The QR code often has a URL or a direct link that your customer’s device can use to access your menu.

In UpMenu, add your menu items, design it to fit your branding, and generate your QR code. Once clients scan it, they can access your menu from their mobile devices.

Once you’ve designed your menu in UpMenu, you’re ready to generate your code bar with the QR code menu app, and that’s it. Link your online menu to a QR code generator, print your QR code, and share it so that clients can view your menu right on their phones.

Once you’ve designed your menu in UpMenu, you’re ready to generate your QR code, and that’s it. Link your online menu to a QR code generator, print your QR code, and share it so that clients can view your menu right on their phones.

To view your QR code menu, simply take a picture of it with your phone or mobile device and tap the link that appears. Doing so will take you to your online menu.

To get a QR code for your menu, use a QR code generator tool. Many QR code generator tools are available online, and many are free. Some popular options include QR Code Generator, QR Code Monkey, and QRStuff.

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