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Your own branded mobile app for restaurant ordering

When making food ordering more convenient for your guests, nothing beats having a branded mobile app. Native iOS and Android apps put your restaurant in the palms of your customers’ hands, which makes food ordering a breeze and helps you grow your business. And best of all? There are no third-party apps and commissions.

Branded mobile app for restaurant online ordering

Customize your restaurant app with your branding

Make your app your own. Upload your logo, design your layout, choose colors and icons, add your menu items, link your website, and include contact information, so your food ordering app looks and feels like your restaurant.

  • Simple to use app builder

  • Easy to manage and edit

  • Beautiful design options that drive more sales

  • Your digital menu in your own branded restaurant mobile app

Frictionless mobile ordering and payments

Our mobile apps for restaurants are lightning-fast, designed to increase sales and revenue, and are easy to use for customers, restaurant owners and employees. Additionally, our mobile apps for restaurant online ordering keep all of your sensitive data safe.

  • Optimized for an effortless order managing experience

  • Easy-to-use food online ordering system

  • Features that help increase order sales, customer loyalty, and revenue

  • Serve more diners with fast, obstacle-free checkout & payment

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All the marketing tools you need to grow

With a mobile app for food ordering, marketing, communicating with your clients, and building brand loyalty is a seamless process.

  • 20+ ready-to-use campaign & promotion templates

  • Push notification, SMS, and email campaigns that drive revenue

  • A loyalty program that rewards customers who order regularly

  • Discounts, coupons, and vouchers to promote new items

Part of an integrated, omnichannel online food ordering system

You get much more than just online food ordering with your own mobile app.

  • On-site food ordering via QR Code Order & Pay, right from the table

  • The best app for designing and implementing a restaurant menu

  • Multi-location restaurant support

  • A restaurant table reservation module

Get inspired by our customers' mobile apps

Need more inspiration?

Take your restaurant to the next level – here’s how some of our clients designed their own online ordering apps and menus with UpMenu.

Visit Google Play or the App Store, and search for UpMenu to find all the mobile apps we helped design for hundreds of restaurants! Most of these apps that include our online ordering system were created in our app builder by restaurant owners like you.

Restaurant app builder for restaurant owners

See how quick and easy it is to set up our mobile application for your restaurant. With just a few taps, you’ll have your restaurant’s marketing and management tools all in the palm of your hand.

All mobile restaurant apps should be this simple and fun to use. Just create an account on our online restaurant ordering platform, set up your app, and test it for free!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An app for restaurants allows customers to order food directly from you without having to do so through third-party apps.

Additionally, customers with your branded mobile app tend to place larger orders and order more often.

The restaurant owner, on the other hand, simply has to accept the order in the online ordering system in the app.

And if you’re looking to increase food orders, get the word out about new menu items, or are planning a special offer, you can do so with the help of marketing and communication features within the app.

Creating, designing, and managing your own branded restaurant mobile application from scratch with a software development company can get pricey.

But you’ve got options. Whether you run a restaurant franchise or have a single location, UpMenu is your go-to free restaurant app builder that is easy to use and allows you to use ready-made templates and adapt them to your needs.

UpMenu also helps you make your mobile app your own by letting you upload your logo, photos, and menu so you can start selling your food online via the online ordering system.

And best of all? You don’t need any technical knowledge to get started. Restaurant owners agree that UpMenu is the most straightforward and customizable restaurant app.

Mobile ordering apps are a great way to increase the number of food orders, client loyalty, and revenue. Clients are likely to order more often, and their average order value also tends to increase.

This is because restaurant customers have their favorite restaurant menu and current promotions on their phones, and it’s thanks to this convenience that makes them more likely to order.

And with your skillful marketing campaigns, you can increase your revenue, which you don’t have to share with third-party portals.

If a restaurant sells food online on its website or plans to do so, it should also have its own branded app for food ordering. Such applications increase sales and are an excellent tool for building customer loyalty.

In addition, online food ordering applications for restaurants also help lower commissions for food aggregators because many customers who prefer mobile ordering are moving directly to restaurant apps.

A good restaurant mobile application is more than just an online food ordering system. In addition to online orders, the best mobile apps should offer users a loyalty program, a table reservation feature, special offers, coupons, and rewards.

With these features, restaurant customers are more likely to order food more often, and the average order amount also increases.

Our mobile apps have all these features and work on Android and iOS. Ready to start taking online food orders, improving customer loyalty, and managing your restaurant all from one system? Need a mobile app for restaurant ordering?

Sign up for UpMenu today and get in on the action!

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