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Restaurant Email Marketing

Get the most out of your email campaigns with our all-in-one email marketing solution for restaurants. Reach more customers, drive more sales and boost customer loyalty.

Boost your sales with Restaurant Email Marketing
Professional predesigned Restaurant Email Templates

Ready to use restaurant email templates

Impress your customers with professionally designed email templates, tailored for restaurants. Save time and make your email campaigns more effective with our easy-to-use templates.

  • Wide range of templates for various occasions and promotions
  • Customizable templates to match your restaurant’s brand
  • Mobile-friendly design for optimal viewing on any device
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Regular template updates to keep your emails looking fresh

Get started with email marketing for your restaurant in minutes

Our intuitive email marketing software for restaurants makes it easy to set up and launch your email campaigns, even if you have no previous experience. Get started quickly and start growing your revenue.

  • Quick and easy setup process
  • Import your email list with just a few clicks
  • Predesigned email templates
  • Completely free compared to other marketing channels
  • Onboarding support and resources for successful setup
Quick configuration to start your marketing campaigns

How to start restaurant email marketing with UpMenu?

Restaurant email marketing - Step 1: Choosing campaign audience

Step 1: Select the campaign audience

Decide to what segment of your customers send a campaign.

Restaurant email marketing - Step 2: Selecting email template and preparing content

Step 2: Select a template and prepare email content

Choose a template that fits your brand and start writing an email campaign.

Restaurant email marketing - Step 3: Adding promotions and discounts

Step 3: Add promotions or discounts

Maximize the potential of your mailing by adding personalized promotions or discount coupons.

Restaurant email marketing - Step 4: Sending email campaign to restaurant’s customers

Step 4: Send campaign & track revenue

Send your mailing and track the effects of your campaign.

Boost your revenue from emails with integrated online ordering system

Streamline the ordering process for your customers and increase revenue potential by integrating your email marketing efforts with an online ordering system. Make it easy for customers to place orders directly from their email inbox.

Drive more sales by offering online ordering directly from the customer inbox
  • Seamless integration with your online ordering system
  • Automated email campaigns with direct ordering links
  • Increased sales and revenue through more convenient ordering options
  • Better customer tracking and engagement through email order confirmations
  • Easy tracking and management of online orders through a single platform.

Save time and efforts with automated email campaigns

Save time and increase the effectiveness of your email marketing with automated campaigns. Trigger emails based on customer behavior, purchases, and other events to keep your audience engaged and drive more sales.

  • Two types of restaurant email campaigns: one-time and ongoing
  • Consistent delivery of promotions and discounts through scheduling
  • Automatic reminders to customers who haven’t ordered in a while
  • Real-time delivery and receipt of messages
  • Minimal effort needed for setup and management
  • Easy tracking and measurement of campaign success.
Save time and increase the effectiveness with automated restaurant email marketing.

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Restaurants should use email marketing to engage with customers, increase brand awareness, drive more sales, and build customer loyalty. Email marketing campaign allows for targeted and personalized messaging and can help restaurants reach a larger audience with minimal effort and cost. It also allows for easy tracking and measurement of campaign success and can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. 

With the right email marketing strategy and UpMenu software, restaurants can see a significant return on investment and build long-lasting relationships with their customers. It’s worth knowing that restaurant brands that sending email campaigns to their customer increase monthly sales up to 18%.

To use email marketing effectively for your restaurant, you should start by building an email list and defining your audience. Next, create targeted and personalized campaigns that provide value to your subscribers, and measure the success of those campaigns through data and analytics. Here are some key steps to keep in mind:

  • Inform your customers about new menu items and promotions.
  • Integrate your email marketing actions with other sales and marketing channels, such as social media pages and online ordering system.
  • Build loyalty with your customers.
  • Create targeted and personalized campaigns for promotions, special events, and other marketing initiatives.
  • Use data and analytics to measure campaign success.
  • Follow email marketing best practices, such as clear and concise subject line, engaging content, and strong calls to action
  • Stay up to date with email marketing trends and techniques, and continuously refine and improve your email marketing strategy to drive more sales and engagement.

Yes, UpMenu provides email marketing services for restaurants. With a cost of only $99, you can get two professional email campaigns each month sent to your customers.

Benefits of ordering an UpMenu email campaign services:

  • Save time and focus on your business.
  • Get professional email campaigns that will grow your restaurant business.
  • Affordable email marketing services specifically designed for restaurants.
  • Two professionally designed email campaigns sent to your customers each month.
  • Greater customer loyalty due to constant communication.
  • Winning back customers who haven’t placed orders in a while.

The best email marketing software for restaurants should have key features that are tailored to the unique needs of the food industry. Look for software that provides targeted and personalized messaging, integrates with other marketing channels and allows for easy tracking and measurement of campaign success.

Key features email marketing software should have:

  • Easy integration with other marketing channels, such as social media and online ordering system.
  • Automated campaigns and personalized messaging based on customer behavior and preferences.
  • Affordable pricing plans that are suitable for restaurants of all sizes.
  • Easy setup and management of email campaigns through an intuitive platform.
  • Robust reporting and analytics capabilities for tracking and measuring campaign success.
  • A range of customizable templates and design options to create professional-looking email campaigns.

UpMenu is the only one solution that provides all-in-one platform integrated with email marketing for restaurants:

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