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Michelangelo Hit Nearly $1,000,000 From Online Orders

Learn how Michelangelo 301 received 23,269 orders, generating $863,166.54 and saving $129,474.98 on third-party commissions. This case study examines the impact of their digital transformation.

Sushi Kushi Saved Over $1,500,000 on Third-Party Commissions!

Discover how Sushi Kushi, a leading sushi franchise in Poland, transformed its business with UpMenu's innovative solutions. Achieving 73,484 online orders and generating $2,520,111.78 in revenue from January 2023 to 2024, Sushi Kushi saved over $1,500,000 in third-party commissions while enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Mulberry’s Market: 1190 Online Orders with $32,000 Revenue in Just 3 Weeks!

The revenue of $32,742.57 with over 1000 orders in just three weeks highlights the substantial impact of introducing an online ordering system. A conversion rate of 51% is remarkable, indicating that half of the website’s visitors placed an order. This suggests that the user interface and customer journey were highly effective.

How has a restaurant loyalty program helped Pizzeria Umberto to increase online orders?

Nowadays, ordering food online is very popular, either directly from a restaurant website or via a mobile application. More than 80% of people look for restaurants or bars online. Approximately 30% of restaurants offer various types of loyalty programs.

A restaurant mobile app that gives you over an 80% increase in the number of online orders

The restaurant's sales and profits have been growing continuously and the owners decided to open another sales channel, which has contributed further to the increase in orders - a mobile application for devices running iOS and Android.

How to make money on pizza ordering system – the case of Little Italy

The Little Italy pizzeria has found a way to increase its sales, and its profits, by using three sales channels and a few simple marketing tools. Little Italy launched an online food ordering system on its website via its own mobile application for restaurant and on Facebook. See the results - and the benefits - this has brought them.

Basiliana – online food ordering system, Italian style

"Felicita ', E' tenersi per mano, andare lontano, La felicita ..." - who doesn't know the famous song, whose very first words transport us to the pasta, wine and pizza capital of the world? Today we will tell you about an online food ordering system that operates in true Italian style.

Impressive increase in the number of online orders at “Pizza Taxi”

This restaurant has been our customer since 2015 and has been increasing its sales and profits continuously thanks to an online food ordering system available on the restaurant’s website and with the use of a restaurant mobile app for Android and iOS devices

Sell online like Numazu Sushi

Is it possible that only 4 months after launching an online food ordering system on a restaurant website and restaurant mobile app, profit and order numbers at your restaurant have increased? Certainly! Learn about the story of Numazu Sushi and see how they have increased their turnover within several months, thanks to online orders.

El Burro Burger – online food ordering system in a small town

What activities should be undertaken to increase the number of orders at a restaurant significantly and in a short time period? Similar activities to the ones implemented by the owners of El Burro Burger!

Promote your online food ordering system just like the manager of Sushi Home

When online orders and deliveries to customers were first launched, the restaurant was not yet officially opened. Hence, achieving sales goals was a huge challenge. The restaurant manager decided to build the website with an online food ordering system offered by UpMenu from the outset. The outcome turned out to be great!

How did the 7th Street Bar & Grill increase profits in 3 easy steps?

How much can an online food ordering system influence the quantity of food delivery? Important! A useful and intuitive, user-friendly menu on the restaurant website makes it easy for customers to place orders, and extensive marketing opportunities encourage them to do it more often!

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