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Michelangelo Hit Nearly $1,000,000 From Online Orders

Since partnering with UpMenu in April 2020, Michelangelo 301, a Florida-based pizza restaurant, has significantly boosted its online sales and efficiency.

Between March 2023 and 2024, the restaurant received 23,269 orders, generating $863,166.54 and saving $129,474.98 on third-party commissions. This case study examines the impact of their digital transformation.

About Michelangelo

Name: Michelangelo 301
Location: Florida, United States
Started with UpMenu: April 24th, 2020
Opening Date: 1980
Offerings: Pizza, snacks


Michelangelo 301 aimed to achieve several key objectives through its partnership with UpMenu:

  • Increase sales and online orders: A primary goal was to boost the restaurant’s sales figures and the volume of online orders.
  • Build a strong brand with an online presence: Michelangelo 301 sought to establish a robust online brand presence to attract and retain customers.
  • Save on high third-party commissions: The restaurant aimed to reduce the financial burden of third-party food delivery platform commissions.
  • Improve the efficiency and management: Enhancing operational efficiency and management was a critical objective to ensure the restaurant’s long-term success.


To achieve these objectives, Michelangelo 301 and UpMenu implemented several strategic solutions.

„Switching to UpMenu was a game-changer for us at Michelangelo 301. Not only did we see our sales approach the $1M mark, but the ease of use and efficiency of the mobile app significantly boosted our online orders. It’s been a pivotal move towards our digital success and customer satisfaction.”

Clint Seeley, owner of Michelangelo 301

1. Online Ordering System

Adopting UpMenu’s online ordering system marked a strategic move for Michelangelo 301, aiming to enhance sales and customer engagement significantly.

Online ordering offered extensive flexibility to adapt to the restaurant’s specific goals of increasing direct sales, catering to customer preferences, and reducing reliance on costly third-party delivery services.

Online Ordering System
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2. Branded mobile app

Developing a branded restaurant mobile app was a strategic decision to save on commissions, build customer loyalty, and enhance brand recognition. This app became a direct channel for orders (51% of all online orders), bypassing third-party fees.

3. Restaurant feedback system

Implementing a restaurant feedback system allowed Michelangelo 301 to collect and manage customer reviews efficiently. This feedback was instrumental in improving service quality and could be showcased on the restaurant’s website to build trust with potential customers.


The strategic initiatives undertaken by Michelangelo 301 in partnership with UpMenu yielded significant results from March 2023 to 2024:

  • Orders: 23,269
  • Revenue: $863,166.54
  • Savings: $129,474.98 (15% commission on third-party platforms)
  • Customer Engagement: Increased loyalty and repeat orders through the branded mobile app (51% of all orders) and efficient online ordering system.

The strategic implementation of UpMenu’s solutions notably propelled Michelangelo 301 towards achieving remarkable sales growth and operational savings, with over half of the orders originating from their branded mobile app.

„With UpMenu, we’ve not only saved thousands in third-party fees but also enhanced our customer engagement through the mobile app. This partnership has been instrumental in nearly doubling our online revenue, proving the power of a strong digital strategy.” 

Clint Seeley, owner of Michelangelo 301


The success story of Michelangelo 301 with UpMenu is a testament to the power of digital transformation in the restaurant industry. Key takeaways include:

  • Significant cost savings: By circumventing third-party commissions, Michelangelo 301 significantly reduced its operational costs.
  • Enhanced online presence: The integrated website and branded mobile app significantly boosted the restaurant’s online visibility and brand strength.
  • Operational efficiency: The adoption of an online ordering system and feedback management improved the overall efficiency of restaurant operations.
  • Increased sales and customer loyalty: The convenience of online ordering, coupled with a personalized mobile app, led to a substantial increase in sales and fostered customer loyalty.

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