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Bakery Software & Ordering System

More sales and improved online presence with a dedicated website and online ordering.

online ordering

Keep bakery orders streamlined and in sync

Simplify the ordering process for you and your customers to increase revenue.

  • No more dozens of spreadsheets with order management software
  • Accept and manage in advance orders to never miss a sale
  • More reports and insights with multiple POS integrations
  • Online payments for customer’s convenience


Cater to the way customers want to order from you

Grow your bakery business and start delivering baked goods to customer’s preferences.

  • Manage and adjust delivery zones to your needs
  • Door-to-door, curbside, and pickup orders available
  • On-site tableside ordering & payments with QR codes
  • Integrations with 3-rd party delivery couriers so you don’t have to hire one
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Attract more clients with better online presence

Stand out from other bakeries with a unique and personalized website. No coding skills are required.

  • Ready-to-use bakery website templates
  • 100+ pre-built website components
  • App-like experience for easy browsing and ordering
  • Seamless integration with the online ordering system


Keep your customers coming back

Collect invaluable data and boost customer loyalty with automated marketing campaigns.

  • Create coupons & promotions without limits
  • Setup loyalty program to increase customer retention
  • Run Email & SMS campaigns on autopilot
  • Collect customers reviews and show them on your website
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Why our clients love working with UpMenu

“In the last 10 years, we’ve saved over $1.5M thanks to UpMenu. This is the total we would have owed to 3rd party portals with a 15% commission.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bakery software refers to a specialized technology solution designed to help bakery businesses streamline their operations, boost efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. This type of software encompasses a wide range of tools and functionalities that address the unique needs of bakery owners, from inventory and employee management to customer relations and point-of-sale operations.

  • Food ordering system: A key feature found in many of these tools.
    • Facilitates efficient and accurate order placements from customers.
    • Simplifies the ordering process, allowing customers to place orders at their convenience.
    • Helps bakeries process these orders effectively.
  • Bakery management software: A broader category often incorporating online ordering systems.
    • Assists in managing daily tasks such as ingredient tracking, recipe management, pricing calculations, and more.
    • Crucial for wholesale bakeries dealing with high volumes of production and sales.
    • Requires robust management systems to keep up with extensive needs.
  • Comprehensive restaurant management system: Incorporates bakery-focused tools for seamless operational flow.
    • Handles everything from front-of-house operations like customer orders and service.
    • Manages back-of-house tasks like inventory control, scheduling, and reporting.
  • UpMenu: An excellent example of an all-inclusive system.
    • Not solely dedicated to bakeries but offers a comprehensive suite of tools.
    • Caters to a wide range of food businesses, including bakery businesses.
    • Provides an integrated platform for online ordering, inventory management, and other crucial restaurant management functionalities.

The best bakery software would offer a comprehensive set of features designed to address the unique needs of bakery businesses. Key characteristics of top-tier bakery software include:

  • Bakery management software: At the core, the software should serve as a complete bakery management solution, facilitating the day-to-day running of the business. This encompasses everything from order management to scheduling and inventory control.
  • Inventory control: The ability to effectively control inventory is paramount. The software should enable accurate tracking of stock levels, management of orders, and prevention of wastage.
  • Multiple locations management: For bakeries with multiple outlets, the software should provide a centralized platform for seamless management of all locations.
  • Custom orders: It should facilitate the handling of custom orders, simplifying the process for both the customers and the bakery.
  • Increase sales: Through features like sales analytics and marketing tools, the software should help bakeries increase their sales by identifying trends and optimizing their strategies.
  • e-Commerce & online ordering system: In today’s digital age, having e-commerce capabilities and an online ordering system is vital. These features allow customers to place orders at their convenience and can significantly boost a bakery’s reach and sales.
  • Secure: The software should be secure to protect business and customer information.
  • Support: Robust customer support is important. Should any issues arise, it is crucial that the company behind the software provides timely assistance.

Given these characteristics, many bakery businesses consider UpMenu as a leading solution. UpMenu offers a comprehensive range of features that can efficiently cater to the diverse needs of bakeries, from inventory management to online ordering. It is recognized for its robust capabilities and user-friendly interface.

Cybake bakery software, Aloha ePOS, and Korona POS are some of the other software that are widely used in the bakery industry.

Yes, there are free bakery systems available that can help bakery owners manage inventory, track bakery orders, and organize various aspects of their business operations. However, these free options may offer limited functionalities and might not provide all the comprehensive features necessary to take full advantage of an integrated bakery management system.

For instance, some free software may allow you to keep track of your inventory of baked goods and manage future orders but might lack sophisticated point of sale (POS) capabilities. Organizational tools might also be limited in these free options, which could restrict their usefulness in managing complex bakery operations.

An example of a more comprehensive, although not free, system is POS Nation, which offers a versatile platform suitable for various retail environments, including bakeries. This system provides a robust point of sale solution that allows bakery businesses to efficiently accept payments both in-store and online, manage customers, and maintain control over their inventory.

While POS Nation and similar platforms involve an investment, they offer greater capabilities, which can help bakery businesses to streamline their operations, improve their service delivery, and increase their profitability in the long run.

In a broader food service context, UpMenu stands as one of the best software for running a restaurant. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including order management, inventory control, customer management, and more. Although UpMenu isn’t free, its extensive functionalities justify the investment for many restaurant and food service businesses, including bakeries. Its wide array of features is designed to help businesses optimize their operations, enhance their customer service, and ultimately, boost their bottom line.

Running an efficient bakery requires careful planning, strategic management, and the right tools. Whether you operate from a single location or multiple outlets, efficiency is key to maintaining quality and customer satisfaction while also driving your bottom line. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Inventory management: Having a precise understanding of what you have in stock at any given moment is crucial. It can save time, reduce waste, and streamline your production process. A bakery management system like UpMenu can help manage your inventory effectively.
  • Efficient [food ordering system]: An efficient ordering system is vital for a bakery’s operations. UpMenu provides clear, easy-to-understand order details, allowing your bakers to get it right every time. This reduces order mix-ups, saving both time and cost.
  • Production planning: To run your bakery smoothly, plan your production based on demand. Overproduction can lead to waste, while underproduction can result in missed sales opportunities. Forecasting tools can help you predict demand and plan your production accordingly.
  • Nutritional information: Today’s consumers are more health-conscious than ever. Providing nutritional information for your baked goods can help attract a wider customer base. UpMenu lets you include such information, enabling customers to make informed choices.
  • Pricing strategy: Make sure your pricing covers the cost of ingredients, production, and overheads while still providing value to customers. This balance is key to increasing sales and revenue.
  • Sales channels: Maximize your sales channels. If you have a single location, consider branching out. You could sell your goods at local farmers’ markets or provide wholesale goods to restaurants or stores. UpMenu can help you manage these different channels efficiently.
  • Training staff: Invest in your bakers and other staff members. Properly trained employees are more efficient and can help ensure the quality of your goods, leading to increased customer satisfaction and, ultimately, more sales.

Running a bakery is no easy task, but with the right strategies and tools in place, you can navigate this mountain stream with ease. UpMenu, with its comprehensive suite of tools, can help you run your bakery more efficiently and drive your business success.