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Restaurant Loyalty Software

Turn your one-time restaurant clients into regular customers with the help of a customer loyalty program. Improve your customer retention, earn more revenue, and increase food order values by up to 30% with an easy to use restaurant loyalty software.

Let clients collect points and stamps to earn rewards

Implement your UpMenu reward program and let customers collect loyalty points for each purchase they make – all while you earn repeat business and more revenue.

  • Reward loyal customers for every dollar spent with redeemable points and stamps

  • Loyal customers spend 45% more on food orders than other clients

  • A rewards program improves customer retention and loyalty

Easy set up process

Setting up a loyalty program takes less than 5 minutes, and no coding skills are required. Once your program is set and your campaigns are running, clients start to earn points automatically.

  • The effortless set up process takes less than 5 minutes

  • Creating individual loyalty program campaigns is straightforward

  • The promotional rewards you offer are fully customizable

loyalty program restaurant - example of the customer list
reward loyal diners as you want

Reward loyalty members

Retain your customers by letting them earn points and stamps each time they order from your restaurant. Awarded points and stamps can be redeemed for a free beverage, a discount on the next order, or any special rewards that your clients love.

  • Automated point distribution makes retaining customers easy

  • Clients can redeem their points whenever they want

  • Restaurant loyalty programs work 24/7 and generate real-time reports

Tableside & digital loyalty program

Not all restaurant loyalty programs reward both tableside and online ordering customers – UpMenu does. Reward loyalty program members with points, no matter whether they order on-site or to go.

  • Both online ordering and on-site clients earn points and stamps

  • Rewards programs keep customers happy and are more likely to leave you positive reviews

  • Both on-site and delivery ordering customers earn points, which doubles your number of loyal clients

food services loyalty program - example of QR code ordering

See the loyalty program in action

Sign up with UpMenu today and see how easy it is to create loyalty campaigns, retain customers, and grow your revenue with the best loyalty program for restaurants. 

We did the math

Loyalty programs give your business an advantage that other restaurants simply don’t have. With the loyalty program business model, existing customers are 63% more likely to stay tied to your restaurant for longer, your food order value increases by 45%, and clients are 59% more likely to recommend new customers to your business. 

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Improved customer retention
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More customer recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Loyalty programs offered by restaurants are designed to incentivize customers to keep coming back to the restaurant and make repeat food orders. Programs like UpMenu involve customers earning points and stamps for every order they make or dollar they spend at the restaurant, which can then be redeemed for discounts, free coffee, food or other perks.

Loyalty systems are perfect for turning new customers into regular diners that keep coming back to your business. Loyalty program benefits also include increased sales and more customer recommendations.

Sign up with the best loyalty program available, UpMenu. Register your account for free, go through the onboarding process, and start creating your loyalty program campaigns. Once you’re done, points will automatically be added to your customer data after each purchase.

Building a loyalty program requires no coding skills. In UpMenu, simply go through the onboarding process, set up your campaigns, and you’re done! Next, track each campaign effectivness in the reports section and make any necessary changes.

Loyalty programs are the most reliable tool when it comes to customer retention. Rewards programs like UpMenu keep clients tied to a restaurant by rewarding them with a number of points and stamps each time they make an order. Customers spend more money and order more often from restaurants that have a loyalty system in place.

Restaurants earn customer loyalty with the help of loyalty programs like UpMenu, which reward clients for their purchases with redeemable points and stamps. These can be redeemed for a number of rewards, including food, discounts, and any other prizes.

Restaurants that value repeat business from their loyal customers have loyalty programs. UpMenu is a rewards program that many restaurants choose to help tie clients to their business.

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