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Sushi Kushi Saved Over $1,500,000 on Third-Party Commissions!

Sushi Kushi, a prominent sushi franchise in Poland, has revolutionized its service by partnering with UpMenu since 2013. 

With 27 restaurants nationwide, the franchise has significantly increased sales and enhanced customer engagement through an integrated online ordering system.

About Sushi Kushi

Name: Sushi Kushi
Location: Poland
Franchise: 27 restaurants across the country
Started with UpMenu: 2013
Opening Date: 2012
Offerings: Sushi, Japanese cuisine


Sushi Kushi’s collaboration with UpMenu was driven by several key objectives:

  • Increase sales and online orders: Aiming to expand its customer base and enhance online sales.
  • Build a strong franchise brand: Focusing on brand consistency and recognition across all locations.
  • Save on high third-party commissions: Reducing dependency on food delivery platforms that take a significant cut from sales.
  • Improve efficiency of operations and management: Streamlining operations across the franchise to ensure uniform quality and service.


The strategic partnership with UpMenu was instrumental in addressing the critical challenges faced by Sushi Kushi, paving the way for remarkable growth and operational excellence. 

„Online orders now constitute 60% of our total sales, a milestone we achieved thanks to UpMenu’s online ordering platform. It’s been a game-changer for us, removing the daily operational headaches of managing online orders.

This allows us to concentrate more on what we do best – running our business and serving our customers. UpMenu has truly enabled us to streamline our operations and focus on growth.”

Andrzej Pelc-Gonera owner of the Sushi Kushi and Ramen Shop

The solutions provided by UpMenu were comprehensive, catering to various facets of the business, from enhancing customer interactions to streamlining management processes across the franchise. Here’s a closer look at the solutions deployed:

1. Online Ordering System

The cornerstone of Sushi Kushi’s strategy, the online ordering system, enabled a seamless, user-friendly ordering experience directly from the franchise’s website. This not only improved customer satisfaction but also significantly increased online sales.

Online Ordering System
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2. Multi-location restaurant website

Using UpMenu’s restaurant website builder, Sushi Kushi developed a professionally designed, branded website that integrates seamlessly with the online ordering system. This central hub serves as the first point of contact for new customers and a familiar place for repeat orders, strengthening brand loyalty.

3. Branded mobile app

The custom restaurant mobile app developed for Sushi Kushi facilitated direct orders without the need for third-party platforms. This approach not only saved on commissions but also bolstered customer loyalty through a personalized ordering experience, increasing brand recognition.

4. Chain management system

A comprehensive chain management system allowed for the efficient operation and management of all 27 restaurants. UpMenu’s platform provided a unified dashboard for overarching control while offering individual franchise owners the ability to manage their locations independently, ensuring operational security and efficiency.


The implementation of UpMenu’s solutions yielded impressive results for Sushi Kushi in last year from January 2023 to 2024:

  • Orders: 73,484 online orders
  • Revenue: $2,520,111.78
  • Savings: More than $1,500,000 saved in third-party commissions over ten years of partnership with UpMenu.
  • Customer Engagement: Increased loyalty and repeat orders through the branded mobile app (25% of orders) and efficient online ordering system.

These results underscore the transformative impact of UpMenu’s solutions on Sushi Kushi’s operations, customer engagement, and overall financial performance over the last ten years.

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During these 10 years of cooperation, we have saved over $1.5M. This would be the cost if we only used third-party platforms with a 15% commission. 

Andrzej Pelc-Gonera owner of the Sushi Kushi and Ramen Shop


Sushi Kushi’s partnership with UpMenu has led to notable achievements:

  • Digital Transformation: Showcased the power of digital solutions in enhancing the food service industry.
  • Objective Achievement: Successfully increased sales, built a stronger brand, saved on commissions, and improved operational efficiency.
  • Financial Savings: More than $1,500,000 saved on third-party commissions over a decade. At UpMenu, the premium plan with no order limit costs only $169 per month!
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The branded mobile app and online ordering system significantly increased customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Operational Excellence: The chain management system allowed for seamless operations across multiple locations, setting a new efficiency standard.
  • Industry Benchmark: Established a new benchmark for integrating technology in food service to drive growth and customer satisfaction.

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